What Is 5 Blade Propeller?

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Did you know that the annual sale of marine boats and equipment is worth 47 billion dollars a year in the United States? Due to the increased need for outdoor recreation, a lot of new consumers are purchasing boats for the first time.

Whether you are a veteran of boating, or you just enjoyed your maiden voyage with your new boat, you might be using the wrong propeller. In the least, you could benefit from upgrading to a 5 blade propellor or prop depending on what the main use of your boat is.

If you are unsure of whether this change could benefit your boating experience, continue reading for more information on the 5 blade propeller and what advantages it brings.


The first difference when looking at a 5 blade boat propeller compared with a 3 or 4 blade is vibration. While a single-blade propeller would produce the least amount of drag in the water for your boat, the vibration would make your ride almost unbearable. With each blade added, this vibration reduces.

Vibration on your boat can be distracting. It might slow the reaction times of the driver and lessen their capacity to control the boat. This is especially important in crowded waters or when the weather might be working against you.

Increased Blade Area

A 5 blade prop used in boating is vastly different from those found on a 5 blade propeller aircraft. Aircraft propellers are slender and long, while a 5 blade stainless steel propeller made for a boat is smaller and rounder in shape. Because boat propellers are operating in liquid instead of air, they move the medium differently.

With the addition of more blades, you have an increased blade area which helps handle more power and adds to the thrust. This is helpful with heavier boats. Brands differ in diameter so you may see a difference between a Spitfire 5 blade propeller or a 5 blade Cleaver propeller.

Improved Hole Shot Capability

In the boating world, the term hole shot is similar to the automotive phrase “zero to sixty.” Planing is when your boat’s bow begins to lift out of the water and rides over those front waves. Being able to go from a standstill or low speed to a fast plane is important, especially when using the boat for towing sports like water skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing.

When you find yourself in an area that generally has higher waves or rapidly changing weather, the hole shot on your boat can help propel you through the trough and over the hump of the wave with less effect on your boat and its passengers. Utilizing a 5 blade propeller helps increase your hole shot capabilities.

All Hands on Deck With a 5 Blade Propeller

Choosing to expand your blade size to a 5 blade propeller can improve the boating experience for the captain and all their mates. Show off your decision with a day on the lake or out on the ocean and take that well-earned vacation in the sun.

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