Top 6 trendy cake designs to go for

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Cakes are baked goods, primarily sugar-based. Doughs and batters for other baked goods such as bread, cookies, and pastries are also made from a mix of ingredients. Cakes are sweet desserts that come in a large variety of textures, flavours, sizes, and shapes. They may contain fruit or other ingredients such as chocolate or cheese; fillings may also be used as toppings or to decorate the top of the cake. Bread and rolls are sometimes baked and served for breakfast on special occasions. Cakes are often covered with icing or fondant before serving to keep the crumbs from making a mess. Cakes are a delicious sweet food typically baked. Cakes are often covered with frosting, or held together with icing, buttercream, ganache, or marzipan and can be flavoured in many ways. Here are some of the top trendy cake designs to go for:

1.Fault Line Cake:
A fault line cake is a unique way to serve a variety of delicious desserts at the same time. The plate splits apart to create two independent tiers, one of which rests on top of the other. Use it for sampling more than one dessert or to create a stunning centrepiece for your next party! The Fault Line Cake is crafted to look at fault lines on the map with a board that features two plates that move past each other, creating playful dissonance.

2.Geode Cake:
Geode cakes are one-of-a-kind, delicious treats that make a beautiful and unusual gift. They are filled with a cool creamy candy centre, covered in chocolate then topped with your choice of coloured sugar to resemble a real geode. A geode cake is a dessert made from sugar syrup and gelatin. The outside of the cake is formed in a mould, then filled with fruit cocktails and colourful candy. Upon serving, the outer shell begins to dissolve and reveal the beautiful interior of the geode. As you cut into it, hundreds of tiny fruit-flavoured crystals sparkle in your guests’ eyes.

3.Textured Buttercream Cakes:
With a variety of unique decoration options available, it is hard to imagine a more beautiful and delicious cake. The possibilities are endless with a Textured Buttercream Cake. Textured Buttercream Cakes give your cakes fun and trendy appearance. You’ll find that these buttercreams are always soft and hold their texture perfectly. Great for a variety of special occasion cakes including birthdays, graduation, holidays and other events!

4.Naked Cakes:
Naked Cakes are all about the essentials…all flavours, no-frills. They have a “look” that is clean and simple yet indulgent. Naked Cakes are not only beautiful, but they are also delicious! A Naked Cake is a cake that has been baked in a disposable aluminium pan; it’s completely naked. It eliminates the need to wash extra cake pans. This is great for the environment, your budget and your back!

5.Half-wrapped Cakes:
A half-wrapped cake is a cake that is more than just the cake itself, but the decorations are incomplete and/or added to the remaining side(s) of the cake; this is used for multi-tiered cakes. Half-wrapped cakes are delicious baked cakes with a fondant covering. A Half-Wrapped Cake is perfectly proportioned to feed a crowd of three or four. It features a sturdy, nonstick baking pan coated in black nonstick for easy release and cleanup.

6.Fresh Cream Gateaux:
The new Fresh Cream Gateaux is a beautiful hand-crafted, silver-plated and perforated chocolate case, including a fruity cream jelly filling and thick chocolate ganache cake. Fresh cream gateaux are the perfect blend of vanilla and chocolate flavoured whisked into a soft and fluffy icing. With its velvety smoothness, a Fresh Cream Gateau will surprise and delight you every time. This dessert is admirable for its gracefulness and the delightful taste of the cream with fresh strawberries that makes it a classic favourite.

A cake is a sweet dessert consisting of layer upon layer of sponge-like cake goodness. A cake is a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs, butter or vegetable oil, milk, and flavouring that is baked in an oven, usually in a special cake pan. So, here were some of the top trendy cake designs to go for. You can also order cake online in Bangalore when you want to surprise your loved ones. So go for these cakes and surprise them like never before.


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