Biltmore state-A Complete Guide

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H1: Inside Scoop Of A Visit To Biltmore Estate


Where is the Biltmore mansion? Biltmore mansion is in Asheville NC. It is a hot tourist attraction and one of the largest privately-owned houses in all of the U.S. To call it a house would be a crime against this grandeur estate. It was built by George W. Vanderbilt who hired the best architects in all of the U.S. and the work speaks for itself. The mansion sits near the Blue Ridge Mountains and is built in a French Renaissance style. Did you know that it had 250 rooms in total? The number is divided into 35 bedrooms and 43 bathrooms. What blows most people’s minds is that the mansion has 65 fireplaces!

The Majestic Biltmore Mansion Tour

Even though privately owned to this day, the Biltmore family was kind enough to allow the world to see each nook and cranny of the mansion and much more. Today, you can take an entire Biltmore mansion tour which involves not only visiting the estate but surrounding areas too and you can partake in many activities. It is important to remember that the cost of tickets to see the Biltmore estate is different depending on the type of tour you choose.

Biltmore Underground Tours
Time Taken: 60 minutes or so

Charge: $10

The chateau itself doesn’t host such tours but you will be interested to know that there are biltmore backstairs tour that will take you to the underground cellars of what was Biltmore Dairy to the tasting room. It is located in Antler Hill Village, around 5 from the Biltmore house. When you purchase a ticket to the mansion, you get free of cost wine tasting which will spruce up your Biltmore mansion trip as they have the best reds whites and rosés. Many people opt to take a full tour of the production facility where the wine is produced or you can opt for a guided tour of the vineyards.

Exceptional Biltmore Estate Rooftop Tour
Time Taken: 60 minutes or so

Charge: $40 and tax

The cost to visit Biltmore estate’s rooftop might be a bit much but it is justified. The number of visitors allowed on the beautiful rooftop of the Biltmore mansion is 10. Since it is a popular aspect of the Biltmore estate tour, advanced booking is required and the tour is considered to be exclusive. Once you are standing on the rooftop, you would feel how the Vanderbilts feel. As you would be overlooking the entire estate, we guarantee that a sense of excitement will rush over you as it does the other visitors. To capture this momentous occasion, we would encourage you to take pictures at different spots. The guided tour would let you in on information about the house and design that only exclusive people get to hear. You would not be able to take any wheelchairs or baby strollers up the stairs to the rooftop.

Backstairs Biltmore Mansion Tour
Time Taken: 60 minutes or so

Charge: $40 and tax

The charming backstairs tour of the Biltmore mansion allows you to immerse yourself into the lives of the servants and butlers of the Vanderbilt family. If you are hedging on going on this tour because it might not be as interesting as any other part of the Biltmore estate tour, you have got nothing to worry about. The experienced guides would completely hold your attention as they will tell you tales of the people who used to inhabit the servant quarters. We would advise you to make reservations for this tour because many people wish to get a glimpse into the lives of the butlers of the Vanderbilt era.

Self-Guided Biltmore Mansion Tour
Time Taken: Personal preference (3-4 hours to fully see the house)

Charge: Included in the admission price of the estate tour

Tourists who have not been here always think that they can completely see the entire mansion in 2-3 hours and some do manage to do it but we don’t count it. Why so? We firmly believe that you cannot grasp the spirit of the Biltmore House without pausing to look over every artwork, furniture and so many other things present in every room. Just really getting in all the architectural marvel would take up a quarter of your visit.

Safety Measures For A Biltmore Mansion Trip
A Biltmore mansion trip sounds riveting but you should only make it after checking the pandemic-related alerts. When you get to visit the house, make sure that you take all pandemic-related precautions like wearing a mask at all times, sanitizing your hands after every while, and most importantly, keeping away from everyone at a distance of 6 feet at least.

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